2 quail
1 orange
1 mandarin
20ml of maple syrup.
5ml of soy sauce.
10ml of dijon mustard.
30ml of whiskey.
2ml of English sauce.
Cocoa powder
Dry rosemary
Fresh chives
Salt and pepper
Olive oil.


Clean the quails very well, season and introduce cut slices of mandarin inside
with some sprigs of chives. Tie the legs, place in a deep dish and varnish with
olive oil, season and add thyme and rosemary. Apart mix 2 table spoons of
orange juice, soy sauce, and mustard. Add the whiskey, maple syrup, English
sauce and cocoa, mix well and paint the quail. Bring the Air Fryer to 1015
minutes at a temperature of 180ºc. Flip the birds, revarnish and repeat the
cycle. Cover with a piece of aluminum foil and repeat until cooking is