2Kg sliced eye of the round
5 Onions (3 in julienne)
2 paprika
6 garlic, mashed
English sauce
6 Chili
½ Cup of shredded paper
Olive oil
1 and ½ glasses of water
Salt and pepper
2 Malt cans
1 Jar of drained onions
soy sauce
1 tablespoon cornstarch in water
Rosemary branches to decorate


In a bowl place the boy with garlic, spring, and salt. Macerate for 2 hours. In
the blender process 2 onions, paprika, chilies, and oregano. Melt the paper in
a caul dron and seal the boy. Remove the boy and Reserve up. In the same
cauldron add the seasoning and stir to ob tain flavor. Place the boy, the
dressing and water inside the Air Fryer programmed at 180ºC for 15 25
minutes. Meanwhile, boil the pickled onions in water for 15 minutes. In the
previous cauldron, sauté the julienne onions with oil. Add malt, soy sauce,
pickled onions, salt and pepper and cook all together. Add the cornstarch
until it thickens. Serve up the boy bathed with the sauce and ac companied by