1 red drum fillet
¼ cup of lemon juice.
1cda lemon zest.
½ cup of chimichurri.
1cda of minced parsley.
½ cup of fish broth.
Soy oil.
1 pinch of ginger.
2 tbsp garlic, chopped.
Salt for fish.

Mix the lemon juice, chimichurri, fish broth, soybean oil, ginger, garlic, and
salt to taste in the blender. Mari nate the fish for a ½ hour.

Beat it and fry it in the Air Fryer for 610 minutes at 200ºC. It is served up
accompanied by lemon wheels, fine parsley. It is accompanied with a salad
of beans, broccoli, olive oil and salt to taste.

Remove it and Serve up it with lemon wheels and sprin kle with coriander …
enjoy it and accompany it with a salad of beans, broccoli olive oil, and salt to