The Story Of Why This Dog Attends Church Every Day On His Own Is Simply Amazing

We are blessed by the company of our loyal and faithful friends sent by God in the form of dogs…

Dogs are our inseparable friends in all our weal and woe.  And it is a difficult phase of our life when we lose these friends.

But sometimes, it is the dog who loses us. But their loyalty even after our death is something really hard not to get emotional about.

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Meet Tommy, a 7-year old German Shepherd who lost his owner. Then he started to attend the church each and every single day! The reason behind his behavior will make you cry… Watch the video on the next page for more images and details on this incredible story.

It made me so emotional… I just couldn’t help but hug my dogs after watching this video. Tommy the German shepherd is a living example of how deeply dogs can love us.

As you will see in the video below, Tommy is special.  He not only loved his owner…but he wants to honor her memory.

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Tommy visits the church after his owner’s death every day. After death of his owner Maria when the church bells ring he goes to the church and sits quietly.It seems he is praying for the departed soul of his favorite person Maria.Or maybe he is praying to God to let him meet Maria again! Tommy does not disturb anyone in the church.

He just sits their calm and quiet and waits for the day he’ll have his wish fulfilled. It’s a small example of how deeply our dogs can love us.

Dogs do not leave their loved ones in any condition. Their love is so selfless. I know you’ve encountered such incidents in your life too. Let us know with your comments!

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