1.5 kg octopus
1 kg of potatoes washed and cut into slices with skin
2 onions cut in four
2 bay leaves
1 and ½ cup of olive oil
Sea salt
Pepper in grains


Boil a pot of water with onions, whole pepper and bay leaves. Clean the
octopus. Immerse it in the water 4 times before releasing it. Cook for 20 25

Place the potatoes in the Air Fryer mold. Fry at 180ºc for 11 25
minutes. Drain the octopus and cut it into slices. Place it in a bowl and add
olive oil, sea salt, and paprika. To varnish the potatoes with olive oil and
paprika and to place the octopus on them. Fry at 180ºc for 3 more minutes.

Serve up alone or with rice or puree garnish.