Raw onions are certainly pungent,

Raw onions are certainly pungent, and can even cause painful tears when they’re cut, but they are incredibly healthy to eat. And for all the hype about “superfoods” like pomegranates, green tea, and acai berries, onions actually offer way superior benefits. In fact, researchers speculate that the humble onion might be behind the so-called French Paradox, which questions why relatively few French people have heart disease despite a diet high in saturated fat.

Onion is so versatile that it is used as flavoring in thousands of dishes, features prominently in thousands more, and can even be a standalone snack (onion rings, anyone?). We are going to dig into the incredible health benefits of eating onions and explain what happens if you eat them every day. Spoiler alert: we think you should, just maybe not on a date.
Better cardiovascular health



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